Course curriculum

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    • Welcome

    • Disclaimer

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    • Introduction to Crestron Programming Software

    • Introduction to Crestron Programming Software Quiz

    • Getting the Crestron Software

    • Getting the Crestron Software - Quiz

    • Requirements to Deploy a System

    • Networking Basics

  3. 3
    • Example System Discussion

    • Crestron Toolbox Getting Started

    • Networking Practical

    • Setup Touch Panel and Load Project

    • Load Touch Panel

    • Load DMPS Processor

    • Authentication on Crestron Processors

    • Compiled Code - For Practice

  4. 4
    • Final Test

  5. 5
    • Thanks and Wrap Up


Get the Crestron Fundamentals and Networking Basics course bundle

Course Highlights

Included in the Course

  • Networking Basics Mini-course

    Get up to speed with basic networking concepts and terminology. This Mini-course is optional and has its own completion certificate to show that you know your stuff!

  • Compiled Project

    Included with the course are compiled project files that you can load to a Crestron processor and Touch Panel. This lets you practice loading projects and ensuring things are communicating.

  • Completion Certificate

    If you complete the course and do the final exam, you will be issued an independently verifiable completion certificate. This lets you prove that you have mastered the content.

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4 star rating

It was a good course.

manjak veera

I wish the fonts on the laptop were magnified so that we can see more clearly

I wish the fonts on the laptop were magnified so that we can see more clearly

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Lead Instructor

Dustin Baerg

Dustin is a Crestron Certified programmer and service provider (CSP) with over 20 years of experience in the Pro AV industry working for integrators both big and small. Learning the ropes through many years of trial, error, and first hand experience, Dustin is passionate about creating resources to help make thing easier and share the knowledge that he has obtained the “hard” way. Dustin provides programming support and resources for the AV community at

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Crestron Fundamentals For AV Professionals Course

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Crestron has their own training programs which we highly recommend. This is not intended to be a replacement, rather an enhancement that improves accessibility and comprehension. ProAVSchool and Dynamark Media Inc. (DMI) are not offering any Crestron training in an official capacity. As a CSP (Crestron Service Provider) DMI does work with Crestron products on a daily basis, and training on allows us to leverage practical experiences and observations providing a huge head start/refresher/reference.

Access to Crestron development software is limited to authorized Crestron dealers and partners and will not be provided as part of this course.