Course curriculum

  • 1
    Getting Started
    • Introduction to the SIMPL and Vt-Pro-e Environment
  • 2
    Project Scope
  • 3
    Touch Panel Programming
    • Touch Panel Video 1
    • Touch Panel Video 2
    • Touch Panel Video 3
    • Touch Panel Video 4
    • Touch Panel Video 5
    • Touch Panel Video 6
    • Touch Panel Video 7
    • Touch Panel Video 8
    • Touch Panel Project Download
  • 4
    SIMPL Programming
    • Project Configuration in SIMPL Windows
    • SIMPL Logic #1
    • SIMPL Logic #2
    • SIMPL Logic - DMPS Programming
    • SIMPL Logic - Source Selection
    • SIMPL Logic - Projector Control
    • SIMPL Logic - Serial Commands From API Document
    • SIMPL Logic - Bluray IR Commands
    • SIMPL Handling Bluray Power with Signal Present Feedback
    • Archive of SIMPL files and modules BEFORE load/test
  • 5
    Compiling, Loading and Testing
    • Compiling and fixing Compiler Warnings
    • Loading the Code to a Processor
    • Setting up an Xpanel to Test
  • 6
    Debugging and Advanced Testing
    • Debugging 1
    • Debugging 2
    • Debugging 3
    • Archive of SIMPL files, VTP, and modules AFTER all debugging and refinement
  • 7
    Bonus Material
    • The Mindset of Dealing with Problems all the time
    • Logic Gates - OR and AND
    • Bonus - Xpanel Debugger
    • Xpanel debugger .zip file
    • SIMPL User Modules
  • 8
    Additional Resources
    • Resources

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of the training course.

  • Functionality planning and User Interface Layout

  • Vision Tools Pro-e project setup and GUI configuration

  • SIMPL project setup and logic programing

  • SIMPL programming and introduction to SIMPL+

  • Compiling, Loading, and testing

  • Debugging, adjusting, and troubleshooting

  • Access to private Facebook group to interact with a group of people learning along with you to ask question/share ideas/get feedback

Bonus material

Extra tools to give you some more options when programming

  • Dustin’s Simpl+ Module to edit, store, and recall serial text from a configuration file for 3 series processors

    I'm giving access to a "Custom text" module to store and read text from a file on a processor.

  • Dustin's xpanel debugger template and technique to test routing

    I also share how I use an xpanel debugger for testing systems and give you access to the files.


  • Helpful

    Paul Smith

    Dustin- your helpful comments along the way during each video (shortcuts, things to avoid etc.) were very helpful. So much easier to understand than class i...

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    Dustin- your helpful comments along the way during each video (shortcuts, things to avoid etc.) were very helpful. So much easier to understand than class in Rockleigh NJ. I suppose it's the fact that we can stop and go back and benefit from your real world experience. Hope to see more content moving forward. Best- Paul Smith, Sync Solutions LLC

    Read Less
  • Refresher

    Brent Barnes

    I use Simpl and VTProe just a few times a year and usually forget just about everything from CTI-P101/201 and -SG in between uses. This is a great way to rev...

    Read More

    I use Simpl and VTProe just a few times a year and usually forget just about everything from CTI-P101/201 and -SG in between uses. This is a great way to review before starting the next project.

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What People Are Saying

Charles, Bootcamp Course Atendee

Helped Me Pass CTI-P201!

Charles, Bootcamp Course Atendee

The information in the training was very helpful in passing the CTI-P201 exam. Will continue to refer to the information in the future!
Luis, Crestron Bootcamp Course Atendee

Luis, Crestron Bootcamp Course Atendee

Dustin thank you for all what you are doing, you are Amazing Teacher
Colbee, training client

Very Helpful

Colbee, training client

Dustin, your help has been excellent. I learned a lot from you – even though we only talked a few times. I may call on you for your help again – who knows – and I don’t mind spending money on good help. Thanks again and good luck with everything.
John, Facebook Page Subscriber

Great Resource

John, Facebook Page Subscriber

Dustin! The website, videos, and blog are all coming together and look great! To everyone that comes through, reads this, and is looking for additional information, knowledge, and foresight into the world of audio visual programming, you have found a fantastic individual and great resource.
Gerald, YouTube Subsciber

Built first System!

Gerald, YouTube Subsciber

The material you have provided at the Pro AV School You Tube Channel is Gold. I was able to build a test conference room from some surplus gear we had. (DMPS-300-C, 2x RMC-100-C, MPS-200, TPMC-8X, iPad+Mobil G app). Ever since I cobbled together that room using the MPS-200, it has been an addictive process to see what these controllers can do.


  • Could I do this course at my own pace.... and time...?

    Absolutely! All the videos are pre-recorded and you can log into the portal and go through them as you have time.

  • How Long Do I Have Access to the course?

    The login doesn't expire so you have as much time as you need and can go back later to review things.


  • Dustin Baerg

    Lead Instructor

    Dustin Baerg

    Dustin is a Crestron certified programmer with close to 20yrs experience in the Pro AV industry working for integrators both big and small. Learning the ropes through many years of trial, error, and firsthand experience, Dustin is passionate about creating resources to help make thing easier and share the knowledge that he has obtained the “hard” way. Dustin provides programming support and resources for the AV community at


Crestron has their own training programs which we highly recommend. This is not intended to be a replacement, rather an enhancement that improves accessibility and comprehension. ProAVSchool and Dynamark Media Inc. (DMI) are not offering any Crestron training in an official capacity. As a CSP (Crestron Service Provider) DMI does work with Crestron products on a daily basis, and training on allows us to leverage practical experiences and observations providing a huge head start/refresher/reference.

Access to Crestron development software is limited to authorized Crestron dealers and partners and will not be provided as part of this course.